New Account Setup

 Setting up and using Publisher Discovery is easy. To set up a new account simply choose your market vertical to find the leading affiliate websites recommended for your programme.

These are the most relevant websites all of which are working using affiliate links on site - unlike more SEO-based tools which just look at backlinks. Publisher Discovery sees the link and verifies the affiliate tracking through to the destination advertiser. That makes the contacting and recruiting process so much simpler - you know every publisher will work on an affiliate basis, which greatly improves the recruitment conversion rate.

You can then choose the size of account you need and add the leading advertisers in your market sector into the platform under My Competitors. Merchants in busy verticals will usually have a lot more competitors to examine.

You don't need to add them all at once; each month you'll be able to change some of them, so you can work through your competitors to find the ideal new affiliates to recruit to your own programme. Click on the pencil or bin to make a change. You can of course also tweak the My Vertical choice at the end of each month, to investigate closely aligned verticals.

For all subscribers, it's easy to change the account level up or down at any time so you can start small and upgrade at any time. 


To extend your search for new affiliates even further, it's simple to upgrade to a larger account at any time. Just hit the button and choose your new level on the My Account page.  If you want to upgrade to an annual account and add in the Export function, then please contact us via the messaging box, or send us an email.

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