The Gap analysis shows you the overlaps between the different advertisers in your marketplace. Of course, the more advertisers you are examining in your project - the better this feature works.

As you can see by looking through the lists of sites, it shows which sites are already linking to you. It also shows the gaps in your program where websites are linking to your main competitors and not to you.
It can be very useful to identify which are linking to multiple other advertisers. An affiliate that links to several programs is more likely to add links to new advertisers, giving a better chance of recruiting them to your own. As you scroll through the list, you can add key prospects to your favourites list to examine in more detail later on.

We would advise to always do a sanity check against your own affiliate list before reaching out. Also it's good to look through their site to make sure they are a fit with your brand - and to make sure they're not linking to you via a secondary of sub-'network'. 

Exported Gap Lists

If you are an annual subscriber, you'll also be able to export the list to csv - that can then be manipulated in Excel to add useful analysis. Based on the export file from the example above the raw data comes out as here: 

The best way to add richness is to number the intersections. Find and replace the Ys in ColsB-G with 1; then replace the Ns with nothing. Insert a column in B and add the =COUNT(D2:I2) to arrive at the result here (we've also moved the traffic score column to B for ease of reference):

It's simple then, to see the gaps in your programme and opportunities for recruitment. If you want to know more about this - or would like assistance, contact us on the help button in the corner, or email [email protected]

The Publisher Discovery Team

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