If you've researched this subject to pick up tips from other affiliate managers, you'll know that, along with finding new publishers, this is one of the toughest parts of managing and affiliate programme. 

Once you've identified some new publishers, you'll want to reach out and recruit them. Within the Publisher Discovery app we provide email and some of the social details we've found in each website. 


It may seem obvious but worth stating that no two affiliates are the same - or respond to emails in the same way. It's worth noting that some larger and busy affiliate publishers receive several thousand emails a month, so response rates are likely to be low. 

There is still benefit in email for recruiting mid to long-tail affiliates - the direct approach, particularly when personalised and suggesting how they could best feature your program on their own site. 

The gif below shows how easy it is to find an email address in the app - and click to email:

Where there are several names in the list, it's worth double checking in Linked in to see which name shows up as the affiliate contact - rather than an editorial or tech contact.

Social Media

Using social media links to reach out to prospective affiliates can be a great way to get under the 'email radar' and strike up a communication. 

Some of our users set up a specific twitter or facebook profile for affiliate communications - such as @brand_affiliates or similar. This enables two things: first it gives a communications channel specifically for affiliate partners, separate to the corporate brand channel; second it provides a useful way of notifying a publisher that you are interested in them.

Its also worth remembering that the affiliate will get an email notification that they are being followed (or liked) by your brand, which will pique their interest even before you contact them. Even without an immediate response, you can then build a better understanding of how the publisher works across different social channels.

Wider Reading

There are lots of practical blog guides on how to contact affiliates, how to construct a compelling email message and best onboarding techniques. We would recommend reading widely - and taking in some of the sessions at conferences to perfect your own technique. 

Here's our own blog post as well, which you may find useful.

You'll find more posts on aspects of recruitment as well on the blog - 

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