The Scores we show for the affiliate websites in the platform are there to help find the ideal affiliates for your programme.

The Relevance Score is driven by machine learning, based upon the website contents and the selection of advertisers we were them connected to.

The Traffic Score is derived from a few data sources including Similarweb and Semrush to identify the websites with higher traffic. The actual scoring is semi-logarithmic rather than numerical, to give a more useful gradation. 

Actual traffic numbers for websites like with around 70 million visitors are pulled down to enable a more useful mid-range allowing the most useful affiliate websites falling into the 10k to 100k visitor range to show up better.

You'll still see the high traffic sites you'd expect to see, such as buzzfeed, techradar and coupon sites with the higher scores. 

As you can see it's easy to change the emphasis by clicking on the Relevance to show more content based sites. For Macy's as above there are a variety of 'relevant' sites as they cover a lot of sectors. For someone like Britishairways, the content sites showing will of course be more tightly focused on travel. 

You can also choose to filter further, by excluding the lower traffic sites from the list if that's your focus - or to trim it to a more manageable number of prospects. Just pull the slider along:

You can always use the favourite Stars to save them to come back to later. 

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