My Vertical has launched as a new tool in the platform. This enables the view of the two million affiliate websites in the platform by any of the over 80 market verticals in our chooser.

The app will prompt you to choose your vertical when you log in. You can then opt to change at the turn of each month if you wish to then examine other sectors which overlap your own market sector.

In the case of a multi-sector retailer such as a department store, users may want to create a schedule of verticals to examine throughout the year. For more targeted advertisers such as Children's Fashion, the 6500 or so websites in the vertical will no doubt keep an account manager for a while anyway. A very different set of sites will be viewable when searching in Toys or Holidays which could well give rise to additional opportunities for programme growth.

To find out more, read the launch blog post - or feel free to book a demo support session with us.

As with any of our tools, we really value your feedback so please feel free to share anything by email.

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